Bravo welcomes Chief Risk Officer Jane Bean

A new Chief Risk Officer has joined the Group’s executive team as of 1st June.

Jane Bean has previously held senior management roles and director positions, as well as operating at Board level, with businesses including UK General Insurance Limited and  Bluefin Insurance Group.

She brings with her extensive experience of designing and establishing effective risk and compliance frameworks, as well as overseeing major regulatory transformation programmes.

Bravo Group CEO, Des O’Connor noted that Jane’s experience, which has involved working under the pressure of intense regulatory scrutiny, makes her a valuable addition to an already very strong team.

“Jane’s previous roles have seen her working on developing relationships which facilitate growth as well as working through very challenging situations with regulatory bodies; finding solutions to ensure compliance in the face of new requirements.”

“When working at board level Jane has maintained regular contact with clients and it’s that grounded expertise which makes her such a great fit for Bravo Group. We’re very excited to welcome Jane on board.” 

Jane will be a key member of the Bravo Executive Team providing support to both the member compliance team for both Networks as well as supporting Ethos, CLM, and the Group’s central Functions.

Commenting on her new role, Jane said she was “very excited to have joined Bravo Group at a key stage in its evolution.”

“I’m looking forward to working in this growing and dynamic business and getting to know many of the brokers with both Ethos Broking and the Networks.”

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