Economy whitepaper series concludes with a focus on resilience through adaptability

With contributors from around the business as well as partner organisations, part four looks back on how brokers, insurers, and third-party providers have used technology to adapt in order to remain operational during the COVID-19 crisis.

The final whitepaper in the four-part series, which focuses on different elements resilience, addresses how the adoption of technology has been accelerated at a rate few would have imagined, and checks in with software provider Acturis, to see how they overcame their own challenges.  

MD of Networks and Products, Jaime Swindle, Head of Group IT Richard King, and Systems Consultancy Manager Carl Chapman, discuss how businesses throughout the industry have had to adopt technology fast, in some cases starting from scratch. 

Readers will also hear how the requirement for employees to work from home across the world has not only disrupted some insurer operations, but highlighted gaps in most business continuity plans which typically rely on an alternative site.

These are challenges shared by software companies including service provider, Acturis, which had to move over 800 people in six countries to homeworking while maintaining a consistent service. In an interview with Co-CEO Theo Duchen, it becomes clear that having overcome the hurdle of embracing technology more fully, brokers and those third parties they work with are now exploring the new possibilities this wider adoption brings. 

MD of Networks and Products, Jaime Swindle says, “The potential has always been there, and now the possibilities of streamlining processes are staring us in the face. In this whitepaper, we wanted to demonstrate what that journey has looked like for different businesses, and what the future could hold for each.”

Chief Financial Officer, Simon Drew added, “What readers will take from this final whitepaper in the series is that no one found the transition at the beginning of the year straightforward, but as Theo Duchen says in his interview, ‘when you get lemons, you make lemonade!’ I think acknowledging this will give businesses some reassurance that we were all figuring this out together and supported each other as best we could. Everyone should feel proud of this and hopeful of new opportunities born out of the crisis which lie ahead.”

Previous whitepapers in this series are available to download now, including Part One: Resilience Through GrowthPart Two: Resilience Through Planning, and Part Three: Resilience Through Community Strength

Download Part 4: Resilience Through Adaptability, below:


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