Second whitepaper highlights the importance of planning to resilience

In part two of a dedicated series around economic resilience, our Resilience Through Planning whitepaper raises timely questions and offers valuable guidance to those businesses who are looking to create a strong financial footing in the face of future challenges. 

The whitepaper’s release follows on from our recent Press Play sessions, a series of webinars designed to support brokers affiliated to the Group in getting their business back on track for 2020.

The latest document makes practical advice available to all, as readers can explore ways to strengthen their business resilience from within, continue to retain clients and win new business and ensure effective financial planning throughout the pandemic.

Created to provide accessible, ongoing support to a wide-ranging audience of brokers, readers will be invited to explore potential over-reliance on key persons and address their own tipping points regarding a percentage drop in revenue. The latest piece also addresses the opportunities to connect with new prospects and maintain positive conversations at a time when the industry has come under close scrutiny.

MD of Networks and Products, Jaime Swindle said, “In the early days of lockdown, we created a series of dedicated packs to address the issues our Network members were grappling with. We hope that the guidance and advice contained within this whitepaper will be as well received as those support packs, as they pinpoint common issues which prevent economic resilience.”

The previous whitepaper, Resilience Through Growth represented the first in the series, and the reader can expect part three, Resilience Through Community Strength to soon follow, ending with part four, Resilience Through Adaptability.


Download Part 2: Resilience Through Planning, below:



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