Whitepaper series focuses on the power of resilience amid economic turmoil

Predicting what will happen to an economy when work decreases, businesses are forced to close, and consumers are being careful where they do spend due to uncertainty around furloughing or redundancy, is not an easy task.

What does the shape of recovery look like? How long will we be making up lost ground for? Are there going to be long-lasting changes as a result of the pandemic which better serve everyone in the future?

One thing that is certain: the state of the economy rests heavily on businesses’ capacity for resilience.

If we’re not open to adapting, we’re going to get left behind in the future.

If we’re not in the habit of planning ahead, we must start to ensure we’re prepared for challenges ahead.

If we’re nervous about growing business in turbulent times, we’re not giving ourselves the best chance to weather storms further down the line.

And if we’re not fully utilising the potential of our community, we’re missing an opportunity to build strong networks, the benefits of which reach far beyond what we imagine.

It’s these areas of resilience that we’ll be looking into with our whitepaper series, which focus on resilience through growth, planning, community strength, and adaptability.

Hear from our Members, Ethos Brokers, and the Bravo Group team as we explore each of these areas of resilience with real-life examples, interviews, and insight.

The first in the series, Resilience Through Growth, features an introduction from Chief Financial Officer, Simon Drew, followed by a close look at how Bravo’s retail advisory business, Ethos Broking’s strength in unity and people-focussed M&A strategy has put the business in good stead throughout the pandemic. 

With commentary from Group CEO Des O’Connor, Ethos Broking’s MD, Richard Tuplin, and Executive Chairman Ian Clark, readers will get an insight into what drives Ethos Broking, and how the business continues to maintain momentum in uncertain circumstances for everyone. 

“There is a lot to be said for resilience through the lenses of growth, planning, community strength, and adaptability.” Bravo Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Simon Drew says. “It is our hope that readers can relate to these with their own experiences, and if they’ve not already thought ahead, be motivated to take action now that will secure your business in the years to come.”

Keep an eye out for our follow up whitepapers which will be made available in the coming weeks.

Part 2: Resilience Through Planning 

Part 3. Resilience Through Community Strength 

Part 4. Resilience Through Adaptability 


Download Part 1: Resilience Through Growth below:

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